The nTouchSM approach blends interactive technology, high-speed information processing, and reporting style to deliver results quickly, accurately, and in a format that uncovers opportunities. The result: actionable service and quality improvements.

Beacon Technologies captures, examines, and arranges data gathered real-time as customers answer survey questions. Data consists of information about the customer's service experience and comments regarding issues not covered in the survey session responses. Verbatim comments - The Voice of The Customer -- are captured and reported twice each week. Critical comments are isolated for expedited service quality recovery actions.
Beacon Technologies' reporting style uses clear, crisp graphics and tables to present the key data elements. This format points to action activities, avoiding cumbersome, difficult to interpret and implement academic-style reports.
Report graphics display:

  • Distribution of current reporting period responses compared to selected benchmark indicators.
  • Mean scores and response distributions of responses over time.
  • nTouch Points: Key indicators with greatest mean score increases and decreases, designed to isolate and focus staff, and demonstrate results.

The satisfaction data is analyzed through comparison of mean score ratings and tracking of the proportion of respondents who rated statements using two scales: Agree-Disagree or Satisfaction-Dissatisfaction. Demographic characteristic profiles of survey respondents are provided for reference, and to ensure that a representative sample of the customer population is achieved.

Reports are developed through custom-designed analyses for each client application. Written and electronic analyses are prepared and posted on the Beacon Technologies secured website ready for staff viewing and action. Raw data files are available for client use.

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