Customized Satisfaction Measurement and Response Enhancement Solutions

The Beacon nTouch customer satisfaction monitoring system is designed to help you gain insight into your customers?opinions. The nTouch approach is unique - a permission-based contact method that combine's customer-friendly communication platforms, information processing and research technologies, packaged to meet the satisfaction measurement needs of the most demanding client.  It is an end-to-end solution allowing the client to apply research results directly to improve service quality without sacrificing legacy system data.

The nTouch system becomes an integral component of the organization's quality improvement and management systems. The approach is designed to be an ongoing system of listening, understanding and responding (implementing change) to improve the organizationís customer service quality. The Beacon approach creates an environment that focuses staff on the most important facets of effective delivery of services. Efficiently gathering performance information and data ensures that service quality and delivery efficiency are improved. The results: significant customer satisfaction improvements . . . and customers that keep coming back.

We asked customers across the US what they wanted in a satisfaction monitoring program. We designed nTouch to deliver the key system features they requested.

Envision . . . a permission-based customer satisfaction monitoring system that delivers:

  • High response rates.
  • Simplicity, ease of introduction and use.
  • Flexibility, through custom-designed surveys.
  • Convenient to patients (24/7 availability).
  • Multi-lingual platforms.
  • Depth, breadth & comparability of information.
  • Rapid results reporting (including verbatim comments).
  • Internet-ready technology.

The vision is nTouch ?a fundamentally different paradigm. That makes the survey process interesting and friendly so that people respond quickly, and flexible enough that they respond at their convenience. A graphical reporting style clearly shows how your satisfaction ratings compare with previous results, and deliver the results within a few weeks of service delivery. Verbatim comments are delivered within 3 to 5 days of service so your staff can make service changes promptly. Reports are easy to interpret by your staff, management and Board members.

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We encourage you to contact us to learn how Beacon Technologies is rewriting the chapter on customer satisfaction in healthcare. Our website is designed to provide information on the nTouch approach and how Beacon Technologies is helping our clients put their customers center stage.

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