The latest addition to the Beacon Technologies nTouchSM product line nTouchWebSM is a web-based survey technology developed by Beacon to give your organization another way to collect survey responses that are important for management of your enterprise service quality program.

nTouchWeb is a powerful contact method that compliments the nTouch interactive touch-tone methodology. Each can be used as standalone survey vehicle, or combined to give your customers a choice of how to provide valuable opinions and comments. nTouchWeb has the same customer-friendly interface as nTouch and all of the flexibility you have come to know in nTouch. So completing surveys online becomes an even more enjoyable experience. And nTouchWeb results can be combined easily with nTouch survey results, or reported separately for another powerful comparison tool.

Please take a few minutes to test drive nTouchWeb. An inpatient survey has been placed on our website so you can see how easy it is to generate high quality, actionable feedback from your customers.

Experience nTouch Web For Yourself.


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